The Diary of a Virgin


I am a Virgin!

I am… a 23-year-old virgin. I only have one friend that knows about this, and I have only told her because she is overly open about her sex life and I thought she would be the perfect person to talk to and tell. All my other friends, including my best and closes buds all have no idea. See I haven’t dated much… had a boyfriend in high school for a few months and recently dated a guy for a couple of months but I broke it off. Other than that I’ve just done a lot of cuddling, holding hands, and making out with guys.

I do worry about telling him though, telling him that I am a virgin and how he will take it. I’ve done a lot of research on the subject, searching the web on virginity and how guys feel about it. The general conscientious is that it goes one of two ways: either they love it, or they hate it. They love it because that means their girl has never been with anyone and they get to be the first one to touch her likes she’s never been touched before. They hate it because she doesn’t know what she’s doing, that she will be a boring lay, and that she will be clingy after.

I hope I find a man who won’t mind that I’m a virgin, in fact, I hope I find a man who LOVES that I’m a virgin. I want him to be just as passionate about our first time as I will be, even though it most likely won’t be his first time. In fact, I hope it won’t be his first time – he can show me the ropes. ;-D

If you went through my search engine, you probably wouldn’t guess I’m a virgin. I look up a lot of sex related topics. Toys, outfits, loads and loads of porn, positions, games, tips… the list could go on. I have, what I like to call, 23 years of built up sexual tension, and I can’t wait to get it all out! ;-) I don’t plan on being one of the quiet, not doing too much first time doing intercourse girls. I plan on going all out, trying everything I can think of, and everything he can think of too. I want to practically live in bed and eat off him.

So, I hope and look forward to the day, well probably the night, which I lose my V-card. I’ve gotten to an age that I feel like enough is enough, I’m ready and excited for this change, but I am going to wait until the right man comes a long, hopefully sooner rather than later.

I would love to hear your thoughts, please tell me what you think, good or bad.


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2 thoughts on “I am a Virgin!

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  2. Thank you for sharing these thoughts and feelings. I was 21 when I had sex for the first time, but my attitude about waiting was not as good as yours. Love this blog!

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